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HINSDALE, Ill. — Voters, students and parents in the Hinsdale area are trying to rally support behind a referendum to add nearly $140 million dollars in funding for the high school district.

It’s an effort that’s failed previously.

Those in favor of this $139 million referendum said it’s needed to bring the schools up-to-date and in line with neighboring districts.

Those opposed said it’s irresponsible and unnecessary.

The proposed referendum for School District 86 includes renovating and upgrading facilities at Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South high schools.

Cuts have already been made to programs like football, cheerleading, swimming, yearbook, National Honor Society and dance.

The referendum the third attempt and now is a lower dollar amount with a scaled back approach.

Furthermore, it is affecting home property values.

Wednesday students and parents held a rally outside Hinsdale Central and then moved to Oakbrook Village Hall to early vote.

There is strong opposition to the referendum in the form of an organization called called District 86 Can Do Better.  A statement on their website said
“…This isn’t the way to work together with your community to solve the problems our schools face. Rather than working with us to address our very serious and reasonable concerns, the district is resorting to Chicago-style political scare tactics to ram through a $140 million tax increase, which will cost us over $208 million with interest. District 86 can do better…”