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HOUSTON — A Rice University Student in Houston remodeled his dorm room, but not for studying.

He’s filled it with balls.

Thousands of plastic balls.

David Nichol’s room looks more like a ball pit, like the ones you see at an arcade.

He says he spent $500 on about 13,000 colorful, plastic balls.

“A lot of people are like why but then you think about it for a second, wait, no that just sounds awesome,” said Nichol.

But that also meant moving his desk, dresser, and other items into a common space that he shared with his three roommates.

He still has a few drawers, next to his balls, for clothes.

The student has rules printed on a list that’s taped to his doors.

“No food or drinks, if you make out you get out and no peeing.”

The university is aware of the ball pit, but it’s letting Nichol keep it.