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LAKE FOREST, Ill. — Isabella Fontanini, 16, has invented a new device that could detect carbon monoxide, which killed her grandparents last year.

Her elderly grandparents had a car with a keyless ignition and they accidentally left it running in their garage.

Fontanini goes to Lake Forest High School and this year she’s taking a class called the business incubator.

Students identify a problem and try to solve it by creating a company and maybe even a real product. It’s where great ideas are often hatched.

Fontanini says the device is all about on board diagnostics or O.B.D. technology.

The product plugs into the car, an alert sounds if the car is on, the garage door will open.

That device has been named “Co Secure” and is being talked about, marketed and potentially paid for right in this suburban classroom.

The product, which is estimated to cost around $80-85, is still in the design stage but the students will be pitching it to a board of investors for seed money when it’s ready.