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OAK LAWN, Ill. — Police have arrested a male student who posted an online threat targeting Oak Lawn Community High School.

School officials say the threatening message was posted on Snapchat Sunday, and included a comment about a shooting at the school Monday.

The post warned students not to go to school, and if they did they better hide because they would be shot “on sight.”

“When I aim I don’t miss,” the post read.

Oak Lawn police investigated and were in contact with the Law Enforcement Division of Snapchat, who identified the suspect.

Authorities say the threat has been contained and classes will not be canceled.

Extra police will be on campus Monday to reassure students and parents.

No word yet on any charges against the teen in custody.

The high school’s assistant principal released the following statement regarding the threat:

I am asking all parents to discuss this incident with their students, discuss the severity of making and posting threatening comments, and to report any additional information about this incident to a school administrator.

Although the police department and the school administration are confident the threat has been contained, the police department has offered to have police officers on campus tomorrow. In an effort to reassure students and parents that the school is safe, the administration has accepted the police departments offer.

Please know that school safety continues to be our top priority and we appreciate the students and parents that reached out the school administration earlier today when they learned of the incident.

This is the second shooting threat at Oak Lawn Community High School this month. Police investigated rumors that a student had compiled a “kill list.” After interviewing a female student, police determined the threat was unfounded.