Strep throat leads to quadruple amputation for Michigan man

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*Warning: Images in video may be disturbing

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A sore throat has proven very costly for a man in Michigan.

44-year-old Kevin Breen almost died and today, he’ll have his hands and feet amputated — all because he brushed off a severe case of strep throat.

It was on Chistmas Day that he started feeling sick. Breen says it didn’t seem unusual.

But days later, he developed a stomach pain that was unbearable — so he went to the E.R. His stomach was big and hard, and a CT scan showed it was filled with puss.

Doctor’s thought maybe an organ was punctured – but couldn’t find anything.

While doctors tried to find the problem behind the pain, Breen’s organs were failing. At one point, his wife Julie was told to gather family and prepare for the worst.

Then, there was a clue. Knowing that Breen’s son had strep throat, they ran a test and found a common sign of strep in his stomach. The strep had traveled from his throat to his stomach, and his body couldn’t fight it.

Doctors were able to save him, but the damage to his hands and feet was too great. Breen’s hands and feet have turned black, and they’ve lost almost all movement.

Breen is one of two men in the world who had strep travel from his throat to stomach.

He now relies on his wife to do pretty much everything.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with hospital cost.


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