Stop the package-stealing grinches with these tips and a helpful app

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This holiday season, over 45% of shopping is expected to be done online. But some great deals may come with an unexpected price - theft.

People's packages stolen right from their front door is more common than residents would like.

Some people are fighting back by sharing theft info on social media and informing one another. Others are taking matters into their own hands to make sure all the packages arrive in time.  Some customers have their packages shipped to their workplace.  Others have downloaded the free app Doorman. For $3.99 a package, deliveries can be sent to the company for safe keeping and not to an unattended home. Customers can schedule an hourly window between 6 p.m. and midnight seven days a week and the package is handed directly to you instead - no need to tip the driver.

"Instead of having a missed delivery sticker on your door, having your package stolen or snowed on or having to drag it home from work, the whole idea with Doorman is we give you a new shipping address,”  says co-founder Zander Adell.

Doorman takes possession of your packages until you are home and ready to receive them. It’s operational in San Francisco, New York and as of two months ago, Chicago.

865,000 residents here can get these Doorman deliveries so far, representing just over 30% of the city.

Doorman charges by the package or you can pay a monthly fee for unlimited deliveries and returns.

The United States Postal Service has some ideas too.  They say talk directly to your letter carrier and request a special delivery location at your home, even have your boxes delivered to a  neighbor’s house. You can also go to the USPS website and leave specific delivery instructions there.

UPS has what they call  "access points" all over the region, too including some of them non-UPS facilities, stores, universities that have been approved to receive your packages for you.

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