Stench has suburban residents crying foul

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GLEN ELLYN, Ill. — There’s a stinky problem in the western suburbs and residents are furious over what they say is an out-of-control sewage treatment plant.

It’s been fouling the air around Glen Ellyn for over a month.

Over 100 residents attended a public meeting Thursday night.

The pervasive, malodorous odor has been plaguing residents for over a month. They’re worried about their health, their kids and their property values. Finally today, the village issued an announcement calling the smell: “an aberration” caused by what should have been a green approach to dispose of restaurant waste, fat, oil and grease.

They say they’re already taking steps to ensure this issue does not occur again.

The sewage treatment plant backs onto the elementary school where tonight’s public meeting was held. And where locals deal with this problem daily the village insists it’s got this handled and has even commissioned air quality testing to make sure there’s no health threat.


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