State leaders caution drivers over surge in troopers hit by vehicles

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CHICAGO — There’s been a surge in the number of Illinois state troopers being hit during traffic stops this year.

That’s despite laws designed to make drivers be more careful.

Only four months into 2019 and there have been 14 state troopers hit while stopped on the side of the road.

One trooper was killed and others suffered severe injuries.

In 2016, there were five troopers hit, 12 in 2017 and eight in 2018.

Last week a trooper was struck by passing tractor-trailer in Collinsville.

Illinois State Police say this year is unprecedented, and there are numerous reasons why: drivers are going too fast; they’re impaired; they’re distracted.

So getting the word out is imperative to reiterate that drivers must slow down and move over.

It has been mandated by Scott’s Law, named after an officer who died after being hit while on the side of the road.

In January, trooper Christopher Lambert was investigating a multi-car accident on I-294 in Northbrook when he was struck and killed while outside his squad.

That driver did not slow down or move over.

At the press conference Monday, Gov. J.B. Pritzker said he is adding 2,000 more hours to train cadets because every squad car on the road forces drivers to pay attention.


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