2nd Maine West coach suspended in hazing scandal

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The District 207 School Board held a special meeting tonight on the hazing scandal at Maine West High School.

They are deliberating is whether further disciplinary action should be taken against staff members after a now-infamous hazing incident at Maine West High School.

A varsity soccer coach has already been suspended without pay- and the district will likely move to fire him altogether. A second coach was suspended without pay tonight pending dismissal.

No action has yet to be taken by the board against the school’s principal, Audrey Haugan.

“I don’t know I that I want to call it obstruction, but I do think that someone is protecting the principal, and I don’t think she should be afforded that kind of protection when she was aware that there was abuse and did not stop it,” said Antonio Romanucci, the alleged victims’ attorney. “And the only thing she did was sanction the players and not the coaches … so the conduct could continue.”

The states attorney’s office is already investigating what went at the school, which has been described as a particularly brutal example of hazing.  Some say it’s become part of the culture at the school, almost accepted behavior.  But it is behavior the lawyer for the alleged hazing victims says faculty members have long been aware of and accepted.

Behavior, he says, that needs to stop.


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