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If this is a sports bar, then maybe our undercover camera was at the wrong address.  Turns out, we had the right address.  But it certainly wasn’t the family restaurant promised to the Harvey city aldermen we talked to.  Alderman Joe Whittington told WGN he had no idea there were strip poles and female dancers inside this long abandoned office building until 6am on weekends.  Alderman Shirley Drewenski said the city doesn’t even give out 6am permits.  She was stunned that we easily got undercover video of nude strippers inside the building she thought was to be turned into a restaurant.

Our undercover cameras did see a TV monitor in the place they promised would be a sports bar.  But no one was paying attention to the tv on this night the Blackhawks lost a heartbreaking game 7.  Instead the focus was on the g-strings and the dollar bills being put into them.  So how did this happen in Harvey that even the aldermen didn’t know it was going on?  And who is running the joint?

She’s Kim Kenner Wash, daughter of the late Chicago Alderman Tyrone Kenner who was once convicted of bribery while in office.  She’s known from rap videos with her group called HWA, or “Hoes With Attitude”.  You might say it takes attitude to put up a sign like this outside an abandoned office building that she claimed would be a family restaurant.

If you wonder when this all started at Harvey, you’d have to go back to October to a city council meeting.  It’s then that Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg cast the tie breaking vote for the restaurant.  He’s since changed his mind after his office said he’d been getting complaints recently.  The city’s Planning Commission has called Kenner Wash to a 630pm public meeting tomorrow to tell them what’s going on.  WGN Investigates will be there to see what happens.

UPDATE: After the WGN Investigates piece above aired, City of Harvey spokesman Sean Howard issued the following statement

“After viewing Mark Suppelsa’s report, The evidence now validates clearly the allegations we have been investigating over the last 2 weeks. As of 9:35 pm tonight a cease and desist is being placed on the property of Club Assest by way of an executive order of the mayor, the liquor license is also being revoked as well. No operations will be conducted at that business. The city of Harvey was presented plans for a sports bar and grill but now it is clear that we have been misled.”