CATOOSA, Okla. — A 31-year-old man, who was deemed a suspect in the slaying of a Romeoville family Sunday, has been found dead with a gunshot wound in Oklahoma, according to police.

Shortly after the shooting, police said Nathanial Huey Jr., 31, of Streamwood, was wanted as a person of interest. A female with a relationship to Huey was also identified as a person of interest.

On Tuesday evening, the female was reported missing by her family in Streamwood. Later that evening, Romeoville police issued an alert to other police agencies noting that Huey Jr. was a suspect in the slayings.

Police in Catoosa, Oklahoma were alerted to the presence of Huey Jr.’s vehicle Wednesday morning in their jurisdiction, police said. The vehicle attempted to elude police and it was involved in a fiery single-car crash.

Catoosa is about 15 miles east of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Two gunshots were heard at the scene by responding officers. The female was located with a gunshot wound and was transported in critical condition. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said there’s a “possible motive” between Huey Jr. and the family, but would not expand on it, citing the investigation.

On Wednesday afternoon, police were seen investigating at a home in the 400 block of East Irving Park Road in Streamwood in connection with the incident.

A neighbor told WGN-TV police were also there on Tuesday asking for doorbell footage.

“I never would have expected a thing he was a very nice man we had conversations I helped him find his dog he had children when I found out I was extremely shocked,” Samantha Edwards, a Streamwood resident said.

Police conducted a well-being check around 8:40 p.m. Sunday on the 500 block of Concord Avenue after a member of the household did not show up to work and was not responding to phone calls.

Upon arrival, officers found 38-year-old Alberto Rolon, 32-year-old Zoraida Bartolomei and their two sons, ages 7 and 9, dead inside the home.

Police said three dogs were also found shot to death.

Romeoville police said Wednesday afternoon they are not looking for any additional suspects.

On Wednesday evening, the family released the following statement.

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of solidarity and support following the tragic loss of Zoraida Bartolomei, her husband Alberto Rolón, and their sons Adriel and Diego. At this moment, our primary focus is on channeling support, assistance, and love for our family and loved ones.

“The investigation is currently underway and being led by the authorities of Romeoville, Illinois. Given the sensitive nature of the ongoing process, the safety of all parties involved, and the profound challenges our family is facing, we are unable to provide any comments at this time.

“We appreciate the understanding and we take this opportunity to once again express our profound gratitude for the solidarity and support extended by people during this period.”