LOCKPORT, Ill. — Freshmen at Lockport High School will be bused to a different building days after an old, plaster ceiling collapsed at the schools Central Campus.

Students from Lockport Central have attended classes online for the past several days, which some students and administrators said is not sustainable. But repairs to the current building are expected to take longer than originally thought.

The Lockport Township High School Board of Education held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the decisions made surrounding the challenges posed by facility usage at Central Campus and how it will impact school operations.

On Friday, Superintendent Robert McBride issued a letter to parents updating parents that the Central Campus will remain closed following a plaster ceiling collapsing on the third floor. The historic Lockport Central High School was built in 1909.

The temporary option discussed on Tuesday would be students being bused to the shuttered Lincoln-Way North High School.

Administrators said Lockport Central should undergo repairs to several rooms that are considered “at risk,” but it’s estimated that could take anywhere between one and four months- just to make ceiling repairs.

Plans to move into Lincoln-Way North could be in place sooner.

According to District 205, an inspection of the materials in the collapse did not detect any asbestos. The rental costs of Lincoln-Way North, and repairs to Lockport Central have not been determined yet.