ALSIP, Ill. — A car crashed into a home in the southwest suburbs in the early morning hours on Sunday.

The crash, which left a car and the home damaged, happened in the Garden Homes Subdivision in Alsip, Ill., around 1:45 a.m.

Homeowner Dave Hendrick said he was sleeping only a few feet away from where the car crashed into the side of the home.

“I was sleeping, right underneath those two windows, there,” Hendrick said. “I didn’t hear it, I don’t know why not. But when I got up, there was a car there, people were out here. I came out, and then I saw how bad it was. I think it’s a miracle I didn’t get hurt.”

According to Hendrick, the red SUV struck a car in his driveway before hitting the house. Hendrick said that he believed if the car had not been hit first, the home would have suffered even more damage.

According to Cook County police, the driver of the red SUV fled the scene after the crash and later turned himself in to police in Alsip. Police say the driver was cited for failure to report a traffic crash.

Authorities have not identified the driver involved and it is currently unclear what led to the crash.