WILL COUNTY, Ill. — 28-year-old Jordan Henry will spend at least a decade behind bars after being sentenced by a Will County judge related to a car theft and high-speed chase which began in Cook County.

Henry was arrested on Feb. 23, 2022, following the pursuit across Chicago area expressways. He was charged, and ultimately found guilty of, the following 13 counts.

  • Three counts of Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking (Class X Felony – Category A)
  • Two counts of Armed Robbery (Class X Felony-Category A)
  • Two counts of Attempt Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking (Class 1 Felony – Category A)
  • Aggravated Unlawful Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle (Class 1 Felony – Category A)
  • Two counts of Theft (Class 2 Felony – Category A)
  • Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon (Class 3 Felony – Category A)
  • Aggravated Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Peace Officer (Class 4 Felony – Category A)
  • Striking a Police Animal (Class A Misdemeanor – Category B)

The pursuit started after he carjacked two people in Lincoln Park and North Center. It ended when the tires of his car flattened and a state police trooper and K9 chases him through a marshy area.

“Hades gave chase and when he apprehended the subject on his arm, the subject started punching Hades and that’s when he gripped and the other troopers came and we were able to take him into custody,” ISP Trooper Kevin Krol said.

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow discussed Henry’s criminal history at a Wednesday afternoon press conference, to include the list of his convictions and pending cases in Cook County. According to a release from Glasgow’s office.

“Henry currently is facing charges in Cook County (22CR0899501) on two counts of Aggravated Kidnapping with Intent to Inflict Harm, four counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault (a Class X offense), and two counts of Aggravated Robbery with a Firearm and Aggravated Battery in a Public Place that allegedly occurred on September 26, 2021. Additionally, there is an outstanding warrant of arrest against Henry in Lake County, Indiana (45I02-2201-CM-000028), on an October 10, 2022, charge of Theft.

“Numerous additional cases are pending against Henry in Cook County including Fleeing and Eluding, Reckless Driving/Disorderly Conduct in connection with six companion cases (21600218101 and EG003220-3225); Retail Theft (19123079101); Criminal Damage to Property in an amount less than $500 (20119481801); and various traffic and ordinance violations (TN310012/TN310013; TN284437/TN284438; TP567514-17).

“Henry has an extensive record of criminal convictions, including two prior Cook County felony convictions — Class 2 Robbery, a forcible felony (2012) (12CR1025801), and Class 3 Retail Theft (2013) (13CR0299001) — and multiple misdemeanor convictions including but not limited to Battery, Criminal Damage to Property, Theft, Obstructing Identification, and Criminal Trespass to Land (Case Nos. 16600689201; YE298229; 15500557201; 15123588301); 12124611701; 12600868101; 12120219201; 10127333201; 09120475601; 09120344701; 091203343001). Henry’s record also includes seven adult ordinance and traffic violations (Case Nos. YE785468; LE201265; YE258830; YE258829; TL111582; TH491072; 09120122701).”

Glasglow said he told a trooper after he was arrested he would be out by Sunday.

“I think it’s important this case be highlighted since it did occur in the City of Chicago, if he were arrested there, looking at his past history, he probably would have been back out on the street in a short period of time, just like he bragged,” Glasglow said. “But not this time. Justice was done.”