CHICAGO — A 9-year-old boy hoped to spark some change to the Oswego flag after he pitched a new design to the village board.

In March, Caden Stagl discovered a passion for the world’s flags on a family trip to Minnesota while reading a knowledge encyclopedia.

(Caden was) quizzing us the whole way there whole way back and started memorizing them falling in love with flags,” Caden’s mother Jody Stagl said. “We’re trying to figure out who he belongs to because of neither of us really likes flags or know any of them but he knows all of them – he does.”

But a few months back, Caden decided his hometown flag of Oswego needed an update.

“It just says Village of Oswego and when it was founded,” Caden Stagl said. “You’re looking at this flag and you’re thinking I can do better? So what do you decide to do? Hmmmm – make a new one!”

So that’s what he did while putting some careful thought into the new design.

“The blue and orange is the high schools…the fox river…just wanted it that way…freedom for the U.S. strength and grass

Then, he unveiled it to his mom.

“I said ok. (He) went back to work and he kept pestering me, ‘Mommy this needs to be our new flag. Didn’t you know you can go propose a new flag?’ and I’m like no I didn’t know that,” Jody Stagl said.

And that’s what happened. Caden presented his creation to the Oswego Village Board in June.

“He went by himself, mic in hand, nervous, but he was on a mission that the flag truly needs to change,” Jody Stagl said.

“I hope they’ll change it to my flag I hope,” Caden Stagl said.

While the current flag design will remain, a very special meeting was held for the 9-year-old on Tuesday to inform him that the village will fly his design alongside the official flag in September.