CRESTWOOD, Ill. — A south suburban car dealership said a woman came into the facility on Thursday, took some keys when no one was around and took off with a car.

The manager of Your Choice Auto Sales in Crestwood said it all happened within a matter of minutes and the woman almost ran the manager over as she was leaving.

“I was like ‘Stop, stop’ and she was looking into my eyes, ‘No, no,'” Mike Elsayed said. “She started driving the vehicle and I just had to jump at the last second otherwise she would have run me over.”

Around 4 p.m. Thursday, an unknown woman walked into the office and when she sees no one else is around, she helps herself to several keys on a board in an area specifically for employees.

“At the beginning, I thought one of my co-workers, because I have a mechanic and a detailer, gave her a key and she’s going for a test drive,” Elsayed said. “I rushed to the car trying to stop her because I just wanted to put a plate on the car.”

He then quickly realized the woman’s intention.

“I went straight to my phone, I called 911,” Elsayed said. “They came a few minutes later, I explained everything to them. They tried to track her and go after her.”

It’s an issue dealership employees said they’ve dealt with far too many times.

“This has been happening for a few months now, not just to us, but to almost every dealership in the state,” Elsayed said. “And not just used car dealerships like us, they even target new car dealerships and luxury car dealerships.”

While Elsayed said the stolen car was recovered on the side of the road in Indiana, they still want to make others aware.

“We want to make sure everyone knows what is going to on to make more precautions,” he said.

A couple of the keys the woman stole were also recovered.

Police haven’t said if the woman has been found or if she will face any charges.