TINLEY PARK, Ill. — Days after Tinley Park police canceled the final day of the Armed Forces Weekend Carnival due to safety concerns stemming from a flash mob incident on Saturday, the city’s mayor says stricter protocols are imminent.

Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz

In a statement Tuesday, Michael Glotz addressed the May 20 event, which saw 400 teenagers converge at the carnival in response to a social media post. According to Glotz, the teens aimed to cause “general chaos by starting fights with each other and running through the crowd.”

Glotz added: “In addition to scaring a lot of families and young children who were trying to enjoy a fun night out, the incident resulted in a police officer being injured and our police department issuing citations to several out-of-town teenagers for fighting in public.”

Police on Saturday issued five citations.

Most offenders were released to their parents and guardians.

Glotz praised the quick response of police, adding that officers kept the situation from escalating into something far worse. Regarding future events, however, Glotz said tighter controls will be in place

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“Practices such as bag checks, defined event perimeters, youth supervision policies and other safety measures will be an ongoing part of large-scale events that have the potential to attract large crowds,” he said. “It’s a sad reality, but gone are the days when we could hold an open event of this size without these measures in place.”

Anyone who had tickets to Sunday’s carnival and would like a refund is asked to contact Windy City Amusements at (630) 443-4547 or the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce at (708) 532-5700.