ORLAND PARK, Ill. — Two kittens survived a harrowing five-day journey inside a shipping container from Georgia to the suburbs and are now thriving.

Last month, One Goal Animal Foundation received a surprising call from a trucking company.

After making some calls around the area, One Goal found out a truck driver discovered a black kitten inside of a shipping container at Sam’s Club in Oswego. The container was sent by train and then picked up in the south suburbs by the truck driver.

Because the shipment had a live animal inside, Sam’s Club refused it and that’s when One Goal was brought in. Another kitten was discovered at the trucking company.

“There were crackers,” executive director Beata Zabrinas said. “We are guessing they ate the crackers to stay alive.”

While there were crackers in the container, the kittens, who are approximately four months old, survived the five-day trip without water.

“These kittens were completely feral, I had them in my house to see if they would come around,” Zabrinas said. “They have come around!”

After being skittish at first since the remarkable journey, the kittens were given names related to it — “Choo-Choo” and “Track.”

They are on track to be available for adoption next month after receiving treatment for worms.

Like other shelters WGN has reported on recently, One Goal has experienced less fosters available and fewer donations.

They have recently opened up a new lounge for a more cozy adoption process.

For more information on One Goal, visit here.