ROBBINS, Ill. — Three teenagers involved in a fatal crash that killed a 70-year-old man have been released from custody, and the victim’s family want to know why.

Donald Carter Sr. was driving on Kedzie Avenue in his hometown of Robbins Sunday afternoon, when his car was struck by a stolen Kia — ending in a violent crash that took his life.

According to police, the three teens in the stolen vehicle were all 13-years-old boys.

Carter Sr.’s family, as well as leaders in the village, are calling on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to move quicker in this case. 

“We lost a loved one. I have not seen one apology. Someone needs to apologize to this family for our loss,” said Carter’s niece Tracy Olawumi.

His family is bewildered as to why the boys, arrested by Robbins police at the scene, were allowed free from jail and back into the custody of their parents.

“I don’t care if they are kids, they did wrong,” said Carter’s sister Bertha Olawumi.

Police said Carter Sr.’s car was hit at a high-rate of speed by the three teens, after stealing the vehicle they were in. 

Robbins police said they have done everything by the book, including holding the teens for the maximum 24-hours while waiting for the Cook County state’s attorney to sign off on a search warrant and get charges against the teens approved.

Foxx’s office released the following statement Tuesday:

“This is a continuing police investigation. Please check with them for any updates.”

Carter Sr. was a retired mechanic and the father of six kids, according to his family.