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DIXMOOR, Ill. — Two more water main breaks were found in Dixmoor Tuesday — bringing the number currently to three, according to the village President Fitzgerald Roberts.

The breaks occurred on 147th Street and 145th Street and a boil order is anticipated for the affected areas. Officials say crews are currently working to repair the pipes.

Two of the village’s schools, Martin Luther King Elementary and Rosa Parks Middle School, are closed for a second straight day. Officials said the Environmental Protection Agency needs to conduct tests before the schools can reopen.

Since Friday, there have been eight pipes that have failed — causing the school closures, a water boil order and pressure issues to surface.

Back in the spring, Dixmoor received $2 million of federal money to start working on the problem. Army Corps of Engineers are expected to start that project in October.

The village president is saying there’s nothing else he can do, and is asking for help from higher elected officials.

Village leaders say they will have to lower the water pressure to try and sustain the system for now — but that would make it hard to battle a fire in an emergency situation.