South suburban leaders meet to curb violence

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SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. —  South suburban leaders are taking action to curb violence after a recent surge over the summer.

City and state leaders hosted a summit at Thornwood High School Friday morning.

Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers has been very vocal about the issues his community faces. In August, two people were killed and there were several other shootings. It’s those violent crimes that have brought state and local leaders together.

Riley said he’s desperate to hire more police officers and applied for emergency federal funds in order to do so.

Both the Cook County Sheriff’s office and Illinois State Police have stepped in to help, but they also need the community’s involvement.

This summit aims to come up with a plan to fund more after school youth programs to help stop the violence.

“We all have to work together to solve this and its not gonna happen overnight.  This crime didn’t start in the south suburbs in that last 6 months to a year.  It’s been a continuous process and local communities need to step up to the plate and really provide concrete solutions and not just gimmicks,” said State Rep. Thaddeus Jones of the 29th District.

Community leaders also plan to host a town hall meeting with local residents, but they haven’t set a date for that yet.


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