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A 6-year-old boy said he wanted to help his sick and potentially dying mother. And there was only one way to do it. That was 12 years ago.  This month, at the age of 18, he is finally getting to follow through on his promise to make her well again.



Rhonda McClarn has been struggling with kidney problems since 1988. She even had a transplant in 2005. But it failed.

Her only hope 8 years later came on her son’s 18th birthday, when, after years of saying he wanted to help her, he finally could.

Tevin Hamilton is donating one of his kidneys Thanksgiving week so his mother can get a new one herself.


Tevin and his mother are not a match, so the two will work in a paired donation. Tevin will donate one of his kidneys to a stranger so his mother can receive one of their kidneys that her body won’t reject.

The timing of a Thanksgiving week transplant couldn’t be more perfect, they say.