Some of the pennies you’re hoarding could be worth millions


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HOUSTON, TX — As it turns out, all of those pennies you’ve been saving could make you rich. CoinTrackers has found that rare 1943 copper wheat pennies are being auctioned for $85,000.

In 2012, one 1943 Lincoln penny was sold to Texas Rangers co-chairman Bob R. Simpson for $1 million.

But instead of being made of zinc-coated steel, the penny was made of bronze at the San Francisco Mint.

History is the reason behind it all. KTRK reported that all of the pennies manufactured in 1943 were supposed to be minted. However, coin analysts found that copper-plated coins from 1943 may have gotten into the mix of steel-plated ones from 1942, causing the error.

Coin analysts suggest using a magnet to see if a copper and steel mix exists. If the coin sticks to the magnet, then it is a copper plated steel and fake.

If you’re lucky, then you just might have one or more of the few 1943 copper pennies ever released.



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