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GARY, Ind. — Illinois won’t head into the next phase of reopening until Friday, so the warm weather on the holiday weekend had people flocking to open beaches across the borders.

Chicago’s lakefront is closed under orders of Mayor Lori Lightfoot amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, on the other side of Lake Shore Drive, the south fields of Lincoln Park brough multitudes of people wanting to get some Memorial Day sun.

In northwest Indiana, beaches are open, boat launches are being prepared and lifeguards are out. Many crossed the state line from Illinois to get around the city’s line in the sand.

“The weather is beautiful,” Jay Severin, from Chicago, said. “So we knew that Indiana was open, we decided to come here and take a chance to find a nice spot just to hang out for a couple of hours.”

The sunshine, sand and sprinting was simply too good for many to pass up.

Willie Feagin and his friends came to Marquette Park Beach surprised not to see more people but happy to have this time safer together.

“It’s good to see people not scared, actually coming outside,” he said. “I know people have been in for the last couple of weeks because of quarantine so it’s good seeing everybody outside.”

One beachgoer said she noticed most people were staying in their groups and staying six feet apart.