Ex-Ald. Danny Solis caught on tape planning to ask Reinsdorf group for donations


Ald. Danny Solis

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CHICAGO — Former 25th Ward Ald. Danny Solis was caught on an FBI wiretap four years ago, discussing soliciting campaign donations from a real estate group including Jerry Reinsdorf.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports at the time, Reinsdorf’s group needed Solis to approve a $40 million apartment complex to be built near the United Center.

On the wiretap recording, Solis can be heard waving off a warning from an aide about a potential conflict of interest.

The recording was one of thousands the FBI made of Solis’ conversations without his knowledge. There is no evidence Reinsdorf gave Solis campaign money.

But other executives with the group gave Solis more than a dozen donations over several years, totaling nearly $80,000.

Solis agreed to cooperate with the FBI and wore a wire for two years, recording city hall conversations, some of which led to the indictment of powerful 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke.



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