‘So stressful’: Residents at Oak Park building deemed unsafe scrambling to find places to live


OAK PARK, Ill. — Residents at a building in Oak Park are being asked to evacuate after their building was deemed unsafe.

Village inspectors first found structural issues at Oak View Tower, located in the 900 block of North Boulevard, nearly three weeks ago on Oct. 22.

They reported floors sloping as much as four inches toward the center of the building and a needed-structural repair on the first floor.

Inspectors said when the building’s management team did not produce the proper paperwork, the building was deemed unsafe and all residents must temporarily relocate by Wednesday.

Shirley Hester has lived in the building for the last 14 years and had only five days to pack up her life and move out.

“It’s been so stressful for me to find a place, which I have not found a place, and then I had to go to storage and find a storage,” Hester said.

Nancy Agin is also scrambling to evacuate.

“We would have at least time a week or two, a month, to get out of here, to pack, to look around,” Agin said. “Now, it’s like you got to do everything really quick.”

Hester is questioning why residents were not alerted sooner.

“The inspectors of Oak Park came in here the 22nd,” Hester said. “Why didn’t they let us know before the 5th that we had to be out of the building?”

Village officials said when inspectors found the issues, they requested a structural stability report from property managers by Nov. 5, but never received it. That’s when the village deemed the building to be an “imminent danger of failure or collapse.”

WGN News reached out to the property management company for comment and have not heard back.

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