The Chicagoland continues to see a deficit in snow for the 2022-2023 winter season. As January is more than halfway over, we stand more than 5 inches below normal for snow at this point in the month. This comes after three straight months of below normal snowfall.

Normal and actual snowfall totals for Chicago O’Hare

The normal snowfall amount for Chicago O’Hare airport for October is 0.2″ and the actual October 2022 amount was a trace. Normally, O’Hare receives 1.8″ of snowfall during November but instead brought in 1.1″ of snow. December has a normal snowfall total of 7.6″ but last month only stacked up less than half of that with a total of 3.2 inches.
The month-long normal snowfall total for January is 11.3 inches, but by January 17th the normal total is 5.7 inches. As of January 17, 2023 O’Hare has only received 0.4″ on snowfall.