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SKOKIE, Ill — Skokie police are asking the public for help after a group of burglars attempted to steal a vehicle from a homeowner’s garage.

The incident happened on the 7000 block of Lavergne around 5:40 a.m. Wednesday. Police said the homeowner witnessed two SUV-style vehicles parked in the road with the headlights on, and several people standing outside near it.

According to police, the homeowner then heard the vehicle in their attached garage being started and went to investigate, and found an individual sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle.

The homeowner confronted the offender, causing the person to flee the garage towards the waiting SUV vehicles. Police said the homeowner described one of the vehicles as a silver Mazda.

As the group fled the scene, the homeowner heard three gunshots as the vehicles drove away at a high-rate of speed.

No one was injured. Police said there is no known danger to the public at this time.

Skokie police are asking residents to check their surveillance video for any suspicious activity.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911.