SKOKIE, Ill. — No charges will be filed against a man who was arrested after firing a gun into the air near a pro-Palestinian, pro-Israel rally in Skokie on Sunday, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

In a statement Monday, the office said that the man is a FOID card holder and acted in self-defense upon being surrounded by the crowd.

The full statement reads:

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (CCSAO) has reviewed the events that took place yesterday along Touhy Ave in Skokie and Lincolnwood during the Israeli and Palestinian demonstrations.  After reviewing the evidence, which includes surveillance video and witness statements, we have determined the individual, who holds a valid FOID card and Conceal Carry License and has no criminal history, acted in self-defense upon being surrounded by a crowd and attacked by some of those individuals. No charges will be filed in this case.  

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

The incident happened Sunday evening near Ateres Ayala, a banquet hall located at 3412 West Touhy Avenue, where about 1,000 people had gathered to show solidarity with Israel, according to event organizers.

Those in attendance told WGN-TV News that a counter-rally was then organized for the same time, in the same area by Palestinian supporters.

Skokie police say during the protest, several disturbances broke out, resulting in a Chicago police officer and two citizens sustaining minor injuries after being pepper sprayed amid the commotion.

Eventgoers inside of Ateres Ayala told WGN-TV News that an announcement was made during the rally warning those in attendance not to leave as tensions were rising outside.