Southern Illinois University fraternity denies making racist video

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CARBONDALE, Ill. — The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale says they are not behind a racist video on YouTube.

The video, titled “SIUC White is Right,” was posted Thursday by YouTube account “ATO AZO.”

It uses a racial slur several times with clips from the Disney movie, “A Bug’s Life.”

The video is ended by an Anonymous-like speaker attributing the message to the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at SIUC and calling for black students to be beaten and lynched on May 2.

Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Tau Omega, Wyn Smiley, released this statement:

Alpha Tau Omega condemns the racist video recently posted on YouTube claiming to be created by ATO’s at Southern Illinois University. The chapter and its members had nothing to do with the creation or distribution of the video and were first made aware of it when the video posted on YouTube. The men of Alpha Tau Omega Southern Illinois University chapter find the message in the video highly offensive and reject any form of racism as a direct assault on the campus community.

On Sunday night, the chancellor sent a message to all students that was posted on SIUC’s Twitter account, saying, “The promotion of disruption and violence is not acceptable. Individuals who use the power of social media to spread hate and fear must not be allowed to be the voice of our community.”




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