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CHICAGO — Several Illinois recreational marijuana dispensaries were closed Monday, with some owners saying strong demand has caused a shortage in supplies and staff exhaustion.

It’s been nearly a week since recreational sales became legal and as anticipated, the supply lines from the 21 growing facilities were not enough to satisfy the demand for weed.

So far, the state has reported nearly $11 million in marijuana sales since Jan. 1. — which dispensary operators said caused the product shortage.

Many dispensary owners figured they would run out of product, they just weren’t exactly sure when.

In order to keep up, some dispensary’s issued their own buying limits — but that wasn’t enough in some cases.

While recreational weed is being restocked, many medical patients are still able to buy product.

Cresco Labs shut its Sunnyside shops in Chicago, Rockford and Champaign to customers on Monday, to “reset” and give the staff that has worked five 14-hour days straight a break.

The Sunnyside dispensaries reopened Tuesday at 9 a.m. for both medical and recreational customers.

The growing facilities the state has are expanding to try and meet demand, but all of that does take time as does growing marijuana.