Shoppers getting last-minute gits on Christmas Eve

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Last-minute shoppers in Chicago were out in full force to finish buying their holiday gifts this Christmas Eve.

At the Target in Logan Square, Allison Nowak brought her fiancé in to grab their final gifts for Christmas..

“I got last minute presents for my future father-in-law and his wife,” she said. “Oh, I did get this amazing sauna suit for my brother-in-law. I’m extraordinarily excited to give it to him. He’s an ‘Iron Man.’ So it’d be funny and practical.

At the check out counter, WGN found Joel Clifford with lots of toys.

“There’s a lot more guys here tonight…I’m okay with fulfilling some stereotypes,” he said.

But there were several women doing last-minute shopping at the Logan Square Target, like Kelli Bempong.

“I have some last minute things.  I got my son some last minute things like toys,” she said.

When asked why she waited until the last minute to shop, Bempong said: “I guess I wanted to see all the other hundreds of people who also have a problem with procrastination.”

For those ast-last-last minute shoppers, there are a few places that will be open Christmas Day: CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, 7-11, and Starbucks say some or all of their stores will be open. Many Starbucks locations will be operating on limited hours, and some franchise locations may choose to close.


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