Nationally recognized sharpshooter rescues brother-in-law from kidnappers

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NEW DELHI,INDIA — A woman used her special talent to rescue her brother-in-law from kidnappers.

This started when two men robbed and kidnapped a taxi driver near New Delhi, India.

The men then called the driver’s family and demanded a ransom.

The relatives, including Ayisha Falaq, brought the money to their location.

But when the kidnappers appeared, Falaq pulled out her gun and shot both men in their legs.

“The kidnappers were hiding behind a vehicle. Upon spotting them, I fired using my .32 licensed pistol on the ground to scare them. However, maybe the bullets bounced them and hurt their legs. The policemen close to us were then successful to arrest both of them,” Ayisha told India TV.

Falaq happens to be a nationally recognized sharpshooter.

Her husband is also a competitive marksman.


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