Several Chicago police officers misused placards, IG report says

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CHICAGO — Some Chicago officers misused their department-issued placards to park their own cars illegally in station parking lots, so that their friends could attend Cubs or Bears games, a new Inspector General report shows.

They also parked in a tow-away zone along a narrow street by City Hall, blocking fire lanes and emergency exits, according to the report.

Officers also illegally parked around the Cadillac Palace Theatre in the Loop.

The officers’ cars were never ticketed or towed, despite numerous complaints.

In the report, Inspector General Joseph Ferguson chided police for not reminding officers during roll calls about a February 2018 directive prohibiting such preferential parking.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the 2018 directive came after a separate probe by Ferguson’s office found that police employees provided illegal, free parking to off-duty cops, their friends and family outside the United Center to attend Blackhawks games.


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