Group of California cyclists complete cross country trek to Ground Zero in memory of those lost in 9/11

September 11th Anniversary

They are the epitome of road warriors, cycling from California to New York City’s 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the spot once known as Ground Zero.

Glenn Smith and a group of cyclists began a 40-day trip from Santa Monica, California on August 1, traversing through the mountains and deserts.

Smith is a retired firefighter with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

“We were seeing temperatures of 110 and 115 degrees and running 90 to 110 miles during those days,” Smith said.

That equates to 34 days of riding and 6 days of rest.

Smith spent three decades in the fire service and is recently retired after spending time as a Captain.

This group is called ‘Fire Velo’, a non-profit taking their ‘Ride Across America’ for the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

While Smith did not know anyone personally who died that day, he and his teammates pounded the pedals that sparked the candle of faith, hope and love burning in their hearts.

“I ride for firefighters afflicted with cancer as well as I ride for Black America, and get the opportunity to get out and be part of something that I thought was a good thing,” Smith said.

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