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CHICAGO — Occupants of three subsidized housing complexes are suing the owner of their buildings over its plans to sell the properties.

They say they were shocked to find out Presbyterian Homes, a not for profit group, is doing so. Presbyterian Homes says charity donations are no longer enough.

In August, tenants received notices to vacate despite signing life-long leases.

“I’m so disappointed in how Presbyterian Homes has taken another path and pushed us aside like we are nothing,” said resident Marge Lillick. “I’m ashamed of them and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Now, more than 100 residents have joined a class action lawsuit against presbyterian homes… asking the company to honor the tenants’ leases, and not evict them.

And if the company does sell, they ask they work with an affordable housing versus market rate buyer so the rent stays low.

Presbyterian Homes provided WGN with the following statement:

“On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Presbyterian Homes’ senior leadership was invited by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to meet with affordable housing experts, affordable housing developers, ward aldermen and local clergy to collaborate on ways in which the Neighborhood Homes buildings might be converted to more traditional affordable senior housing.

“Presbyterian Homes outlined the circumstances under which we would consider offers to purchase the property, and those present seemed cautiously optimistic that a creative solution may be reached to create affordable senior housing at these locations.

“Today, Presbyterian Homes was made aware of a pending lawsuit brought by residents of the Neighborhood Homes. We have not had an opportunity to review the lawsuit and therefore we have no comment at this time.”