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WASHINGTON – Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) has announced she is pregnant with her second child.

The senator is expecting a girl in April, shortly after she turns 50. She will be the first senator to give birth while in office.

The senator and her husband, Bryan Bowlsbey, also have another daughter, 3-year-old Abigail.

“Bryan and I are thrilled that our family is getting a little bit bigger, and Abigail is ecstatic to welcome her baby sister home this spring,” Sen. Duckworth said in a press release. “ We are all so grateful for the love and support of our friends and family, and I want to thank the wonderful staff at both Northwestern Medicine and GW for everything they’ve done to help us in our decades-long journey to complete our family.”

Only 10 members of Congress, including Sen. Duckworth, have given birth while in Congress. The other congresswomen gave birth while serving in the House of Representatives.

“Parenthood isn’t just a women’s issue, it’s an economic issue and an issue that affects all parents—men and women alike,” the senator said. “As tough as juggling the demands of motherhood and being a Senator can be, I’m hardly alone or unique as a working parent, and Abigail has only made me more committed to doing my job and standing up for hardworking families everywhere.”