Sen. Durbin highlights Tinley Park boy’s courageous battle with heart defect at SCOTUS hearing


WASHINGTON D.C. — US Senator Dick Durbin shared a story at the Supreme Court nomination hearing Monday about a Tinley Park 6-year-old boy’s courageous journey battling his heart defect.

At birth, Kenny Murray was not like most babies. He was born with an AV canal defect in his heart. Instead of two valves, he only had one, and needed two open heart surgeries to correct it in his first few months of life.

He had a third surgery a year later.

“At that time, when he came home from the hospital,” said mother Sue Murray. “He was on oxygen and he took 22 daily medications.”

At the time he was born, the Affordable Care Act had just kicked in under President Obama.

Monday in the nation’s capitol, US Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) shared Murray’s story at the Supreme Court nomination hearing for Amy Coney Barrett.

Democrats worry with another conservative justice on the bench, the fate of the Affordable Care Act hangs in the balance.

“If it weren’t for the ACA, Sue and Ken would have hit the lifetime limit in just 4 months. they told me they would have gone bankrupt,” Durbin said. “Thanks to the ACA, Kenny was able to get the care he needed.”

Last month at an event in North Carolina, President Trump presented his “America First Health Care Plan.”

The president said his plan provides “better care with more choice, at much lower cost,” offering short-term plans and protecting Medicare. But there is no language on insurance cap limits.

“Republicans in Congress have been obsessed with repealing Obamacare for years, but they don’t have the votes to do it,” Durbin said. “The couldn’t get it done in the house, or the Senate thanks to three brave Republicans, including John McCain, and now they’ve got to rely on the court to do their work.”

The Supreme Court will hear the case “California vs. Texas” on Nov. 10 that could repeal Obamacare. It leaves the future uncertain for families of the Murrays.

“It’s very concerning, it’s very emotional, it’s very uneasy,” Murray said. “When in our life and our circle of our world, our son’s life is on the line.”

Sue Murray said her son will likely need another heart surgery. The goal is for him to get as close to his adult size as possible, but she said they may need to operate in the next couple years.


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