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ELWOOD, Ill. — Desecration of veterans’ graves at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is the headline, but the bigger story is that this latest incident is part of an ongoing issue.

The tracks of a 17-ton semi were clearly visible Tuesday, one day after a truck driver lost his way driving in the area. That driver turned into the cemetery despite several signs stating to do so is illegal.

Well into the cemetery, he turned and then turned around to get out of the cemetery and in doing so drove over six veterans’ graves.

Semi drivers venture onto the property here at the national cemetery but the director Sean Baumgartner says this is the most egregious example of property damage.

The local police chief, Fred Hayes, says this is part of a bigger problem.

A group of citizens in Will County have launched a community-based group called Safe Roads Illinois, which aims to make streets safer and to limit illegal truck traffic on residential streets. In just two years, beginning in 2014, there have been 20 fatalities involving trucks here in this area.