Self-parking cars much more effective than human drivers: study

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CHICAGO – You may think you’re a good parallel parker, but a new AAA study says a self-parking car can do it better.

The new study compared drivers with just a camera to self-parking cars, and found that the self-parking cars do it much better.

There’s just one problem: the study also found that only 1 in 4 Americans trust the new technology. The vast majority are hesitant to let go of the wheel.

Self-parking cars performed better in all four areas tested. They had 81 percent fewer curb strikes, parked 10 percent faster and 37 percent closer to the curb, and also used 47 percent fewer maneuvers to get into a spot.

AAA says its study proves drivers shouldn’t be afraid of taking their hands off the wheel.

The study says the new technology isn’t without flaws; some self-parking cars park too close to the curb, leaving wheels and tires vulnerable to scratches.

Overall the study showed the technology works — it’s just a matter of whether drivers will choose to embrace it.


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