CHICAGO — There are many things that parents have to prepare for as their kids return to school in the coming weeks – including the last thing they’ll do every day.

That’s sleep, which can change quite a bit when children go from their summer break schedule to one centered around classes. For some, that can be a pretty major change as the wake-up times get earlier and the overall schedule undergoes a major change.

So how should parents get their kids ready to have a good night’s sleep as school gets ready to start?

WGN News talked with Dr. Innessa Donskoy, pediatric sleep medicine specialist at Advocate Children’s Hospital, who shared a few tips on the Evening News on Thursday.

She talked about ways that parents can prepare their kids to sleep well as they get ready to start class, from when they go to bed, how they eat, and even restrictions on how much the’re using electronics before bed.

You can see what tips Dr. Donskoy gave to Ben Bradley and Jackie Bange during her interview on the August 10 show in the video above.