Security video shows man shot and killed by CHA security; Family sues

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Was unnecessary force used when two CHA security officers pulled their guns and fired on a drunk and unarmed man in 2013?

The man died and now his family wants to know why one security guard--an off duty police officer--pulled the trigger. They are taking their case to court.

28-year-old Marlon Horton may have been stirring up trouble--urinating allegedly on an officer’s car early the morning of Sept 7, 2013. It's what comes next that leaves Horton's family undone.

Jarrod Horton and his attorney wish officers at 1815 West Monroe would have done something other than shoot when Horton's younger brother Marlon challenged the security guards outside the CHA building.

Surveillance video shows Marlon Horton around 6:30 a.m. taunting or maybe being taunted--it's not clear from the tape. Two armed CHA security guards watched, interacted, then reacted before drawing their weapons. One of them--an off duty Chicago police officer—shot and killed Marlon Horton. Marlon’s alcohol level was twice the legal limit and the drug ecstasy was later found in his system.

The Horton family and attorneys say the officers never glanced down at a pained and bloodied shooting victim or tried to help as the 911 dispatcher told the off duty officer on the phone to do.

The family filed a case in federal court one month after the shooting. Almost a year later, surveillance video and 911 calls are finally being released. The Horton’s are suing: the city of Chicago, the CHA, the two officers involved plus a few other agencies.

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