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SCHAUMBURG, Ill. —  The last remaining Sears store in Illinois is closing.

The American chain of department stores announced it would be closing its store in Schaumburg come November, its last location in Illinois.

Sears parent company Transformco said the closure was part of a plan to redevelop the property as part of a “strategy to unlock the value of the real estate and pursue the highest and best use for the benefit of the local community,” according to the Daily Herald.

In 2016, Sears had 1,672 stores. There are now 35 and 22 sister Kmart stores.

Born and bred in Chicago, Sears was once the nation’s largest retailer with its iconic catalog that served generations of Americans.

Rob Karr, president and CEO of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, said he believes brick and mortar stores will always be, but in the case of Sears, its failure to adapt to the online market and offer options to consumers ultimately sunk the ship.

“First, we have to pause for a moment. I think we have to be a little sad about what we’ve seen. None of us are surprised, it is certainly another sign of the evolutionary nature of retail, but most of it has to do with Sears itself and the decisions they made,” he said. “But I think we have to be sad and we have to remember what an iconic, not only national brand but international brand this was and the generations it covered.”

The store will close on Nov.14, WGN’s sister-station WTVO reports.