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KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — A Missouri school district has apologized to a family after it sent a student home with a letter to her parents criticizing the lunch she  brought to school.

According to KCTV in Kansas City, a substitute teacher wrote the letter, which read, “[L]unch today included four chocolate bars, a bag of marshmallows, Ritz crackers and a pickle. Please see that she packs a proper lunch tomorrow.”

In an image of the letter shared by KCTV and other outlets, the bottom of the note had a line requesting a parent’s signature. “Request denied” was the response, according to the picture.

The girl’s father also said the letter was wrong; the note did not list exactly what the girl had.

“She had four pieces of ham, a whole protein meat, she also had some pickles, which we admittedly cheat on pickles every once in a while as a vegetable – some fights just aren’t worth having,” the girl’s father, Justin Puckett, told the station. He added, “Then she had four marshmallows in a Ziploc bag, and then she had three very small pieces of chocolate, of which she ate one for lunch and then she also gave her brother and another friend one at an after school program.”

The teacher reportedly apologized for the incident and said it would not happen again.