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CHICAGO — Your childhood dreams of hanging out with all your friends at “The Max” will soon come true.

A Saved By The Bell themed parody pop-up bar and diner, named “Saved By The Max,” will be opening in Chicago’s Wicker Park on June 1. The location has not yet been announced.

“Saved By The Max” will be detailed to replicate “The Max,” which was the favorite hangout spot for all the students of Bayside High.

The new pop-up bar and diner will feature food named after the show’s cast members, including “AC Sliders”, “Preppy BLT”, and “Macaroni and Screech.” It will also have a full bar with booze and cocktails inspired by the show.

“Saved By The Max” will have daily costume contests for a cash prize and weekly events that will include karaoke, trivia and 80s/90s dance parties.

This parody pop-up is said to be in no way affiliated with NBC Productions or Rysher Entertainment.