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Sandi Jackson read a short statement during her sentencing hearing Wednesday.

“I am a little nervous,” she said, crying. “I want to begin by apologizing first to my family, to my friends and to the community for my actions that have brought me here today.”

“I grieve everyday…over the mistakes,” she said. “I stand before you today asking for mercy.”

“This case has taken an enormous toll on me, which is to be expected. But my heart breaks everyday with the pain that this has caused my babies,” she said.

Jackson tearfully concluded her statement by thanking the court. Jackson pleaded guilty to tax fraud, and her husband Jesse Jackson Jr. will also be sentenced Wednesday for misuse of campaign funds.

Prosecutor Matt Graves argued for a stiff sentence for Sandi, saying that she is not “another victim of her husbands crimes.” Graves said this is about  “her independent criminal conduct.”

“The fact is she stole,” he added.

–Reporting by WGN Producer Kelly Barnicle