Emanuel on progress of Safe Passage Program

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Mayor Emanuel has updates on the progress of Chicago’s safe passage program.

According to an announcement by the Mayor’s office, new signs will be positioned in safe passage zones across the city.

Officials said the signs will protect children and keep them from getting lost as they make their way to, and from school.

The city has already hired 245 community members to help students walking to school, towed 4,000 abandoned vehicles, trimmed more than 2,600 trees, inspected over 1,000 abandoned buildings  and removed nearly 1,800 instances of graffit in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Parents have stated that they worry the new safe passage routes will make their children walk farther, and often through dangerous areas to get to the new schools.

In May, the Chicago Board of Education decided to close dozens of schools because of what they called poor student performance or underutilized buildings.

30,000 students are set to go to new schools in the fall.


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