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CHICAGO — He was a Chicago cop until he quit the force to help the Ukrainian people on their home turf. Now, he’s back home and asking for your help.

Harrison Jozefowicz served with the US Army with tours in Afghanistan and as a Chicago police officer for three years. He quit the CPD earlier this year, just after the Russian invasion and co-founded the group, “Taskforce Yankee: Ukraine.”

“We bring medical supplies to the front lines and then we also conduct medical training for the civilians in the hardest hit areas of the war,” Jozefowicz said.

He’s back in Chicago, in part to reconnect with family and friends — and build support and raise more funding for their humanitarian efforts.

On this night, the stories and poems of Ukraine and the deep roots here in Chicago with the hope that a renewed.

“Even if this war ends tomorrow or the next week, or in two years, there will be a drastic rebuilding effort that we’re going to, you know, switch gears and help in that effort, however we can,” Jozefowicz said.