Robbins police officer, girlfriend fabricated abandoned baby story


Justin Jones, Kendra Branch

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MATTESON, Ill. – A part-time Robbins probationary police officer and his girlfriend have been charged for their roles in fabricating a story about an abandoned baby.

Justin Jones, 23, and Kendra Branch, 25, were charged with felony disorderly conduct for filing false accusations and “creating an atmosphere of discord within the community,” and also for “wasting valuable resources” from the police department and other organizations that helped in the investigation.

Police said they received a report of an abandoned child in the 3700 block of 214th Street and Old Plank walking trail in Matteson on Thursday.

Police were able to identify the child and several family members on Thursday.

Police said Jones is the biological father of the child and Branch was his live-in girlfriend.

Police said the two made up the story to get the biological mother in trouble with DCFS “out of spite.”

Both of them denied knowing the child numerous times to officers during the investigation, police said.

Police said the child is well cared for and safe in DCFS custody.

Jones has been placed on administrative leave.


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