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A man was shot and killed outside of a casino Thursday evening as a result of an apparent road rage incident.

According to family members, the incident occurred around 8:00 p.m. Thursday.  They say Montrell Moss, 23, was driving to the Horseshoe Casino to have dinner.  He was headed north on Indianapolis Blvd. — his girlfriend was in the passenger seat, 3 boys in the back seat: his son and her two sons.

Police say right before they got to the casino, there was a road rage incident involving the driver of a gold Chevrolet van.  Moss’s girlfriend says Moss threw a full cup of water from a fast food restaurant that hit the van.

In retaliation– the driver of the van pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot Moss in the neck.  He was pronounced dead at St. Margaret Hospital a short while later.

Back at the crime scene, which is right across the street from the Horseshoe Casino entrance, police were interviewing witnesses when the van drove by.  Police say a witness identified the van and the driver. Police pulled him over, found the gun and a shell casing, and took him into custody.

Moss’ friend, Pattie Rosado, said “They were just going to the Horseshoe Casino to have dinner and then you cut someone off, and he’s in the car with his kids, and the baby saw the shooting, it’s senseless.”

Friday afternoon, friends and family members comforted each other, as they tried to understand how a stupid act of road rage could lead to murder.

Jerry Glover, Moss’ stepfather, said “It’s hard to believe. You’re here one day, then gone the next, over road rage.”

Glover said he was a good father and a hard worker who commuted every day to work back and forth from Chicago. “He was real smart; he liked electronics, worked at a warehouse in Chicago for about a year or so.”

Moss’ friend, Monique Brown, said “He was good, a good guy, didn’t bother anybody, he wasn’t a troubled kid or anything like that.”